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Sources of Mentor Leadership

Mentoring plays a critical role in business and academic worlds. As much as it is that important, there are few cases of people mentoring, or being mentored. This leaves enough space for us to consider being mentors. It is a way of ensuring someone else becomes successful, or does better in an area you already passed through.

There are three areas in life where mentoring is needed. There is the academic type, the business and career section, and the personal development an improvement section. Academic success mentoring came in as the most formal and recognized type. The educational institutions officially endorse relationships. This usually goes on for the time a student needs the help while still in school. The work of the mentor shall cover better preparation of the student, to a point where they are better in their school work.

Career success mentoring takes longer than what academic types do. It allows for someone to seek it at any stage, not necessarily when they join college. The majority is however made up by those on college, when they approach their school alumni. This is what makes up the bulk of mentors in programs such as the Honor Society, apart from approached professionals. Their job is to prepare you for positive progress in the business world, and teach you how to make the most of it. They will also serve as periodic sources of reflection on the strides covered, and what needs to be done to improve your career prospects.

Personal development is taken care of through the period you address the other two areas. As you grow closer to your mentor, you will learn many lessons, some of which will help you develop a better personality, mental toughness, and how to be the best version of yourself. There are many traits that tour mentors will foster in you to help you achieve this.

You need to make sure there is less friction between you and the mentor by choosing someone who you do not report to directly. The mentor should be someone who will not allow any level of complacency in you at all times. For every milestone you accomplish, they should let you aim for even more. You need to be comfortable interacting with them. This is how you can trust them enough to remain open with them.

Your choice of a mentor should be governed by why you need one. You then need to openly and discuss this with them, and see if they are willing to accompany you on that journey. While you work on achieving this; there has to be constant communication. As soon as you have made it through a given challenge, celebrate it with them, then set a higher challenge.

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